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UB Students with Career Presenter

Our Services


Upward Bound offers bi-weekly tutoring after school hours to help students with their academics.

Career Exploration

At Upward Bound we help our students explore different career fields to help them decide what they want to pursue after high school. 


Self development workshops are offered for students to attain new skills.

Summer Program

During our 6 - 7 week summer program we offer GDOE credit, tutoring, workshops, and field-trips. Towards the end of our program, students will be awarded for their commitment and our summer banquet will be held.

Academic & Personal Guidance

At Upward Bound we not only offer academic guidance, but personal guidance too. We are here to help our students every step of the way.

Self-Development Activities

Self development is essential for personal growth. At UB we implement self development activities to help our students manage their school time and time for self care. 

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