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Summer Program

UB Summer Experience

  • Field trips, activities, and hands-on workshops. Student's will get to explore outside the classroom and partake in hands-on activities to enhance their overall social, cognitive, and motor skills.

  • Continue learning by use of critical thinking & acquiring technological skills.

  • Get career ready. Students will learn how to put a resume together and gain insight about the workforce from professionals.

  • Take academic classes to further their education while earning GDOE Credits.


Complete 90 hours of class time & achieve 75% or higher to get 0.5 credit.


Participants choose among the required courses offered based on availability. The course descriptions for each subject are as followed:


  • Mathematics through pre-calculus: Algebra I/II, Geometry, and/or Calculus.

  • Laboratory Science: Human Anatomy, Marine Science, and/or Biology with laboratory components.

  • Foreign Language: Introductory Japanese or Chamorro.

  • Composition: College Writing, Grammar, and Written Organization.

  • Literature: American and English Literature.

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