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Academic Support Services

UB Class of 2016
Upward Bound’s (UB) primary goal is to ensure students graduate from high school and enroll in college. Academic Support Services are provided to help students improve their class grades, standardized test scores, and study skills.  

Tutoring Services:

Assistance is given through scheduled bi-weekly, after-school sessions, for one hour during the weekday for tutoring via face-to-face meetings at the target schools and/ or online sessions via video conferences. Additional tutoring is provided for individual students who may need more focused assistance; these meetings are scheduled through individual appointments with the academic staff.

Standardized Test Prep:

Workshops are scheduled for students to learn test-taking strategies. Most workshops are scheduled for Saturdays for specific periods depending on the topic. Workshops are also provided to review subject concepts, especially for English, Reading, and math. The standardized test prep focuses on tests such as the ACT and SAT used for college admissions, as well as placement exams used by the University of Guam and Guam Community College.

Study Skills: 

Students’ success in the classroom­–in high school and college– depends on how strong their study skills are. Saturday workshops and small group activities are provided to strengthen study skill areas such as time management, test-taking skills, note-taking, reading comprehension. 

Individualized lessons are also provided based on individual students’ study skills assessment. Some study skills activities are also introduced during after-school sessions with UB staff.

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